Life Is Strange: True Colors Ending Guide

Within this article, each of the endings of Life is Strange: True Colors will be discussed. The game's ending varies greatly depending on the choices you make throughout, but, certain actions and dialogue choices change the final moments of the game drastically. Let's look at what the possible outcomes for the game are and how they can be achieved.

Life Is Strange: True Colors has, as fans of the series would expect, multiple endings and outcomes, all of which can be altered and impacted by the

Anthony Mackie Seals the Deal For Captain America 4

Many have been eagerly anticipating and expecting Anthony Mackie to take on the leading role in the next Captain America film. And if recent reports are anything to go by, fans prayers may be getting answered.

For those who have seen The Falcon and The Winter Soldier this news comes as no surprise. And according to Deadline, the deal with Marvel has been officially closed. Meaning, fans will finally be able to see him take on the mantle on the big screen.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s fi

The Witcher Season 2 Drops Its First Teaser Trailer

The first glimpse of The Witcher season 2 has finally been revealed! And while it may only be a small twelve second tease, the reveal has well and truly garnered excitement for the upcoming season. Continue reading to learn what this teaser could mean for the future of the series.

The hype for The Witcher Season 2 is getting bigger, with the first trailer for the season finally being released. Based on the novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, the first season was a giant success. And with

New Pokemon Snap: Florio Nature Park (Day) Four Star Platinum Photo Guide

For anyone struggling to get four star shots that have a platinum rating, this guide will help you get some perfect photos at the Florio Nature Park at daytime in New Pokemon Snap. Getting your dream photo can be a hard task. Even harder if you don't know what sorts of photos will be worth the four stars and what will score well.

The recent release of New Pokemon Snap has turned the gaming community into a legion of photographers. The goal of getting the perfect photo for each Pokemon is tough,