Doctor Strange 2 Review: Definite madness, not enough multiverse

The multiverse takes centre stage... but does it really?

Director Sam Raimi brings to life the multiverse in a dark and thought-provoking fashion. The iconic horror (and superhero!) director employs great artistic direction, paired with committed performances from its stellar cast, to form the crux of the heart and soul of the film.

That said, the journey through the multiverse unfortunately struggles to hold all its elements together to make a winning formula. While the film is filled to brim

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Review: Struggling to run in the right direction

A film that chooses to play it safe instead of going the extra mile.

Sonic is one of the most recognisable gaming characters and franchises of all time. After the surprise success of Sonic the Hedgehog in 2020, the expectation for its sequel rose greatly. Sonic 2 keeps all the positive elements of the first film that people loved, but unfortunately doesn’t do much in the way of building on these elements, simply repeating them. Rather than building up and expanding on these positive elements, t

WWE 2K22 Review: The perfect attitude adjustment

A return to form for the wrestling franchise that players will dive straight into.

WWE 2K22 is the best wrestling game in years and arguably the best 2K wrestling game to date — acknowledging its recent shortcomings and year off. It is more polished and complete and serves as a giant improvement from recent additions in the series.

While early previews of the game were promising, the game’s release confirms that wrestling and video game fans will have an absolute blast playing through this new

The Batman Review: Vengeance served in thrilling fashion

The worlds greatest detective finally gets to do some actual detective work.

Director Matt Reeves brings to life a version of Batman that is dark and thought-provoking and is sure to go down as a classic Batman film for the ages. Great artistic direction paired with near-perfect casting and performances makes this one of the greatest comic book movies of all time.

Read on knowing that this review is spoiler-free.

One of the best live Action Batman stories

The Batman skips the typical convent

Uncharted movie review: A fun experience lead by a great cast

While the narrative of the movie isn't groundbreaking, the charm of its actors paired with great visuals makes for a fun action romp.

Uncharted is the latest video game adaptation to hit theatres. Based on the population PlayStation series of the same name, the film focuses on the adventures of Nathan Drake and his origins stories to becoming the treasure hunter gaming fans have grown to love and adore. While the plot, dialogue and direction of the film aren’t by any means groundbreaking feats,

A brief history of Australian government funding & game development

And what continued support could mean for the future of the Australian gaming scene.

Australian game development is an ever-growing industry. Locally created games like Phantom Abyss and Cult of the Lamb are just two titles hitting the gaming world and immediately making waves.

The trouble is, those two titles — and many others — are only possible because of grants made available to creatives. Depending on the Australian you ask about potential funding sources, you’re likely to get a different

Breaking down gaming stereotypes with Haughty Chicken

And how her work on Twitch inspires a whole different type of gamers to get involved

Haughty Chicken is a Twitch streamer challenging the stereotype of what streamers on the platform typically are.

I was lucky enough to chat to her for Friendly Fire Show 186 about all things games and how women, especially older women, are extremely underrepresented in the gaming community. As well as this, we discussed her work on Twitch and the importance of having a safe space for users on the platform.

Female representation in the gaming industry with MissDeusGeek

We discuss all the great work she's doing to encourage women to get into games.

Dhayana Sena, aka MissDeusGeek, is a local gaming influencer with a goal to encourage and promote a more inclusive and diverse community in the world of gaming.

I was lucky enough to chat to her about all things games and how women, especially women of colour, are extremely underrepresented in the gaming industry for Friendly Fire Show #184.

The Forgotten City Review: Storytelling done right

An examination of morality through the lens of an Ancient Roman setting.

The Forgotten City has finally arrived and with it, so too does our look into this fully-fledged game that first started out life as an Elders Scrolls Skyrim mod designed by a pair of Australians.

Developer Modern Storytelling’s title boasts a fantastic examination into morality through an ancient Roman civilisation. The Forgotten City is a mystery exploration game where players will be dialling the clock back 2,000 years

Video game auctions: Old games sold big this past week

You won't believe how much money was spent recently.

Many gamers know the value of keeping disks and cases in good condition. It’s not uncommon for old classics to sell for massive amounts of money at video game auctions. Old records were blown away this past week at an event held by Heritage Auctions, where many rare and collectible games were on offer.

The aftermath of these sales has sent shockwaves beyond just the gaming community. So without further ado, let’s look at some recent purchase

Morty is coming to the world of Fortnite

And joining his pal Rick in the process.

Rick and Morty fans will be pleased to know that Morty is coming to Fortnite over the weekend and will be bringing some cool new items with him in the process.

Morty Sanchez joins Rick — who is already available inside Fortnite — via the Mecha Morty outfit which will be available for purchase inside the in-game Item Shop.

Morty’s inclusion in the game comes as a part of the Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass. However, Fortnite has been adding many new play

Phantom Abyss Preview: More than Indiana Jones meets Temple Run

Team WIBY's Ben Marrinan talks whips, art style and so much more.

At a glance, Phantom Abyss seems like a simple Indiana Jones-type game. Jumping into it, I was expecting it to play like a 3D version of Temple Run. However, my original assumptions were quickly put the bed after an initial playthrough. I was then lucky enough to chat to Phantom Abyss Lead Designer Ben Marrinan and together, we delved into why Phanton Abyss is decidedly its own thing.

LeBron James is joining the world of Fortnite

The King of NBA will soon be playable for the first time ever in the popular battle royale.

Epic Games has just announced that later this week, LeBron James will soon become a playable character in Fortnite.

LeBron’s inclusion to the realm of Fortnite is part of their current Icons Series. James now joins the likes of Travis Scott, Marshmello and Major Lazer in the Series. Given the recent partnership between the NBA and Fortnite, LeBron’s inclusion may not come as a surprise to fans. However,

Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.3 announced

And some DLC may be on the way as well

What’s new in Night City you ask? A Cyberpunk 2077 patch of course! Developer CD Projekt Red have announced a new patch for the game is on its way, giving off some details about what it will include as well. The announcement included a series of videos, showcasing footage of how the patch will improve gameplay. As well as this, a short video from the team revealed that DLC for the game may be on the way too.

What some of the improvements include

In the p